Dear Guests, we have taken all the measures necessary to ensure that your holiday is as carefree as possible. Health - yours and ours - is our very greatest priority. Our establishments disinfect their premises regularly and are doing everything in their power to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.

By following these three basic rules, you too can play your part in preventing infections:

• Maintain your distance (1 metre)
• Wear mouth and nose protection in buildings and outdoors where it is not possible to maintain a distance of 1 m for longer periods of time (there is no general requirement to wear a mask)
• Wash and/or sanitise your hands regularly

Coronavirus testing of residents and employees of Dorf Tirol establishments

To determine how many Dorf Tirol residents have come into contact with the virus and how many are currently infected, the entire population of the village was invited to take a coronavirus test on 13 and 14 June 2020. The tests showed that less than 1% had come into contact with the virus and nobody was infected at the time of testing.

Overall there have only been 5 confirmed cases in Dorf Tirol. All 5 patients have recovered.

In addition, on Monday 22nd June 2020 a pilot project, “South Tyrol Tests”, began, which sought to test the employees of accommodations and restaurants in the communities of Dorf Tirol, Schenna and Meran.

This was done so that you as our guests can feel safe in the knowledge that the employees in our businesses are healthy. This also ensures that anyone testing positive can be identified immediately and isolated. The tests will continue to be carried out at regular intervals and will be expanded to the whole of South Tyrol.

Current rules and measures

Up-to-date information on the measures, rules and situation in South Tyrol can be found here:
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