Ultental Valley farm run

The Ultental Valley is one of the most unique valleys in the Alps. With its high elevations, solitary mountain pastures and traditional houses with wooden fences, anyone wishing to experience the real South Tyrol should make a point of visiting this remote mountain valley. A heads up for anyone interested in a sporting holiday: the one-of-a-kind, Ultental Valley Farm Run is an annual event.

Key facts
The start and finish of the Ultental Valley Farm Run is in Kuppelwies/Pracupola, a village in the middle of the Ultental Valley. The Classic Race starting from Kuppelwies leads to St. Gertraud/S. Gertrude, across age-old traditional South Tyrolean mountain farms, passing three ancient Ultental larch trees, before returning back to Kuppelwies. The General Public Run route also starts at Kuppelwies, but instead circles the picturesque Zoggler Dam leading to St. Walburg/S. Valburga, before leading back to Kuppelwies. Great fun for all running fans.

So, what’s so special about the Ultental Valley Farm Run? This mountain event in such a breath-taking setting combines sporting fervour with cultural and leisure activities. After the run there’s lots of socialising, visits to the traditional market stalls packed with regional delights, and a varied programme — all help to transform the event into something of a folk festival. A run tailor-made for outdoor aficionados!