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Merano Flower Festival a Naturno - CANCELED

After a cold winter, we are all the more looking forward to spring: Nature is at full throttle, it begins to bloom, fragrance and sprout. The warming sun attracts colourful flowers and bright buds. In Naturns we welcome spring with a colourful festival. From the farmers to the gardeners, everyone is on their feet organising the spring festival - the whole village and all guests are invited to celebrate! Children play, jump and do handicrafts, the farmers'; wives prepare delicious delicacies such as the traditional "Muas";, gardeners present spring flowers and decorations and everything is framed by cheerful traditional music. Be there! The Merano Flower Festival is an event dedicated to flowers, herbs and ornamental plants, which is also held in the towns of Algund (16. -19. 4. 2020), Merano (24. -26. 4. 2020) and Scena (8. 5, 17. 5. ,22. 5. 2020) will take place.
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