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Tscharser and Stabener Waalweg (water irrigation pTscharser and Stabener Waalweg (water irrigation paths)

Tschars (625 mt.) - Tscharser Waalweg - Sonnenhof (830 mt.) - Juval Castle (900 mt.) - Sonnenhof - Stabener Waal - Tschars

description to arrive at destination

Take the public bus service to the village of Tschars.

Route description

From Tschars take path no. 3, the Tscharser Waalweg which winds its way along the apple farmers' irrigation channels, to the Sonnenhof farm. Turn off onto path no. 1A towards Juval Castle, the summer residence of well-known mountaineer Reinhold Messner and his family. The castle, which is open to the public during summer months, is well-worth a visit and houses an extensive collection of exhibits from Tibet, a gallery full of paintings of mountain scenes, a collection of masks from all over the world and many more items of interest. Continue walking down the asphalted road to the Schlosswirt farmhouse just beneath the castle itself and maybe stop for a quick snack there in the cosy Stübe, the traditional old wood-panelled living-room or in the wooden-beamed attic with its enormous paintings of the Yao Gods Parliament and a further unique collection of art from Tibet. The farmhouse also has a cool cellar cut from the rock of the mountain-side. After a short rest, you'll be ready for the walk from the Schlosswirt up towards the Tscharser Waalweg which leads to the Sonnenhof farm. Take path no. 1 from there downwards to where it meets the Stabener Waal path which will take you to Falzrohr and past the Himmelreich Guesthouse back to Tschars.

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