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Circular hike on the "Schenner Waalweg" trail

General description

Atmospheric hike on the Schenner Waalweg trail. This shady route winds without any noteworthy climbs along the course of the old irrigation channel and offers an exciting hike with wonderful landscapes to enjoy. 

Route description

The starting point and destination of this leisurely family hike is the district of Verdins. Passing Verdins Church, the path climbs up to the Verdinser / Schenner Waalweg trail. This lovely, extremely shady path leads northwards through the forest to the irrigation channel keepers' hut. The return journey starts once again on the Waalweg; just before Verdins, however, the path turns off to the left along the Höfeweg trail that passes the Ederhof farm and then leads back to Verdins.  

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