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Irrigation channel path Merano

This path between the water irrigation channels, so called Waalwege, embraces the valley basin of Merano and allows hikers to experience the area on a 80 km walking path.

The road joins eleven separate paths allowing the discovery of huts along the channels and even castles, churches and natural wonders. The path between the Merano channels isn't at high altitude, but cut into the valley between 400 and 900 meters in height.

Hikers can walk the entire trail in eight stages over one week, or alternatively experience one leg as a day tour. The path between the Merano irrigation channels supplements the beloved Merano High Mountain Trail.

"The channels" are artificially created canals for irrigation originating from the thirteenth century. A narrow bridge was built to maintain and care for each channel. In the past, the farmers dedided to build the channels using rudimentary tools to regulate the distribution of water, a very clever idea. Today, the paths along these water irrigation channels have become popular hiking trails and walks, suitable at any time of the year.

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