Wood Carving Gerstgrasser

Take your time to discover the variety and beauty of the South Tyrolean nurseries and wood carvings. Find the perfect gifts for special occasions, which are carved in compliance with your wishes. The artist: In 1997, the sculptor Roman Gerstgrasser, born in Parcines, opened his atelier and office in Naturno. The young sculptor attaches great importance to modern and profane art, but also to antique and religious art and tradition. In the Gardena Valley, the stronghold of wood carvings, he completed his training. After those 5 years of training he attended a specialization course in order to work abroad, for example in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Australia. Our wide assortment compromises: - Family weapons - Work figures with the employers face - Portraits - Reliefs - Signs - Crosses - Professional restoration and valuation of antique sculptures - Copies and duplicates - Gifts for special occasions: baptism, first communion, confirmation, wedding etc. Available in our online store: - Nurseries and Christmas ornaments - Saints, Madonna, Zodiac Signs - Profane figures such as animals, clowns, chess etc. Our philosophy: The grade between tradition and modernity What is important to me is to explain to my clients the formation of a figure and which work steps are necessary are possible. I am always responsive to my clients desires. Besides this, the quality of my work is the most important thing. Being a sculptor means to me

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