Gondola basket lift Vellau-Leiter Alm

Public transport

With the train to Meran and from there with the bus line 235 to Vellau/Algund.

General description

Chairlift and gondola basket lift Vellau

Up to airy heights!

The ride with the single chairlift from Plars to Vellau is a dreamlike experience of nature. Slowly, you travel up through the vineyards and forests from Algund to Vellau.

Price list:
Single ride: 8,00 € (without Algund/Guest Card); 7,50 € (with Algund/Guest Card)
Round trip: 11,00 € (without Algund/Guest Card); 10,50 € (with Algund/Guest Card)
Children: 4,00 € single ride (with or without Algund/Guest Card); 5,00 € round trip (with or without Algund/Guest Card)


The nostalgic gondola basket lift brings you directly to the Leiter Alm mountain pasture at an altitude of 1,550 metres.


The parking lot is next to the valley station a Plars/Algund.

description to arrive at destination

With the chairlift from Mitterplars/Algund to Vellau.
With the car you arrive the valley station on the street to Oberplars.


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