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Maso Corto

This is an interesting and easy looped trail in Maso Corto. During the winter months, the beauty of the end section of the Senales Valley can be discovered during a winter hike along this well marked and tracked trail.

Route description

The best thing to do is join the trail in Maso Corto at the station of the Gondola lift lazaun. A bridge leads over the stream behind the hotels in Maso Corto. Continue towards the sparse forest, crossing through the sun-kissed meadows below Wieshof farm. Just about at the level of the Marchegghof farm opposite, a signpost indicates the viewing point “Belvedere”, where there is a wonderful view down into the valley. Back on the trail again, hike into Marcheggtal Valley in a loop, before reaching Gerstgras, and the opportunity to take a break and refreshments. After crossing the street, the winter trail passes by distinctive rocks and on to Marchegghof farm that is the main film location for the multi-award winning Alpine western “Das finstere Tal” (The Dark Valley) with Sam Riley, Tobias Moretti and Paula Beer. Follow the trails 7A and 7 to return at Maso Corto.

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