Indoor pool
Indoor pool

As you enter the indoor water park in Naturno, the first thing you notice is the large glass roof and the great view.

From the pool you can enjoy a fantastic view of the densely wooded Nörderberg mountain.

The sun heats up and illuminates the indoor pool in a natural way, so you almost feel like you’re swimming in the open.

Our swimming pool
From the 51-metre long water slide you can hear cheerful cheering, and in the fast-flowing current canal there is fun and hustle and bustle. But first of all into the 31 degree warm water of the adventure pool, and then up onto the bubble or massage bed. And finally, some bubbling in the 36 degree whirlpool or in the saltwater pool. The little ones have fun in the children's pool and in the children's play area. The indoor pool is also open in the summer months, so swimming fun is guaranteed in all weather and at all times of the year.