Sustainability and environmental awareness
Sustainability and environmental awareness
Less waste – more fun. That’s again the motto of the Ultental Valley Farm Run this year. Together with our partners, we’re working to make the run even greener and more sustainable than before! Here’s how:

  • All communication is done digitally, thus almost completely dispensing with all printed matter.
  • If something must be printed, it’s done on 100% recycled paper. But only if absolutely necessary.
  • Our advertising is all digital, and we’ve done away with one-way vision advertising banners
  • We’ve also done away with disposable cups.
  • Where possible we use reusable tableware. Otherwise we make use of sustainable alternatives
  • Promotional items in the gift starter packs are locally sourced, and only handed out on request.
  • Prizes for adults are made by local craftsmen, which supports the Ultental Valley community.
  • Waste is recycled thanks to numerous separated bins.
  • The venue is easily reachable by public transport, thus avoiding the need for private vehicles.
  • Fun “Up Cycling” workshops for the kids.
  • Dedicated rest areas for participants.