4/6/2024 09:00 - 17:00

Delights from local farms (Lana in Bloom)

It is impossible to imagine Lana without the "Bäuerliche Genussmeile - Local Farm Deligths", the annual get-together during "LANA IN BLOOM" in spring. A true feast for the senses is the market day of the local farmers, who will once again offer their farm specialities on Saturday, 06 April 2024.

Over 50 farmers, including local gastronomists, will occupy the Gries, in the car-free centre of Lana, and will be available to visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to taste, buy and enjoy.

The top priority is best quality and unconditional freshness. The "Roter Hahn" (Red Rooster), the quality brand of the South Tyrolean Farmers' Union, ensures this. The restaurants in the pedestrian zone of Lana serve exquisite spring dishes and wild herb specialities according to old and new recipes and serve fine wines.
Pedestrian zone Lana
TTT Projekt | TTT stands for Music from Tyrol, Trentino and Transylvania.
Music styles: traditional music from Italy, Austria, Hungary, traditional Jewish music (Klezmer) and Jazz Manouche
Who offers what?
The Beer Makers from Ultental Valley
Wholemeal spelt bread with vegetarian spreads, onion tart with bacon, cream soup with spring herbs, quark tartlets with strawberry sauce, chocolate beer tartlets and various beer specialities.
"Männergesang" Lana

Dumplings with salad, meat loaf in a roll, „Krapfen“, strudel, cakes and homegrown wines.

Fisolgut, Schlanders | Schüttelbrot, bread, pastries
Zollweghof, Lana | Wine, sparkling wine, herbal juices, wild garlic bruschetta
Kandlwaalhof, Laas | Dried fruit, fruit juices, vinegar, mustard
Rieglhof, Graun | Cheese, milk products
Moarhof, Kastelbell | Fruit-herb syrup, wine, dried fruit
Kammerhof, Lana | Honey, free range eggs, fruit spreads
Fischerhof, Girlan | Distillates, liquors
Römerhof, Tramin | Polenta, cornmeal, muas flour
Hof am Schloss, Prad | Meat products, fruit spreads, honey
Baschtelehof, St. Nikolaus | Käse, Joghurt aus Ziegenmilch
Genuss Gruber, Prad | Meat products
Venustis, Laas | Chocolate, chocolates, pastries, marble jewellery
Ausserloretzhof, Laas | Distillates, liquors
Marklhof, Tisens | Meat products, bread, cheese, dairy products
Bio.Weingut Othmar Sanin, Margreid | Wine, sparkling wine, OPC
Fronteggele, Völs am Schlern | Distillates, juices, fruit spreads
Pflegerhof, Seis | Herb seedlings, herbal products
BGO Obervinschgau, Prad | Cheese, milk products, vegetables, bread
Azienda Agricola Sensi, Lana | Olive oil
Biokistl Südtirol, Lana | Vegetables, fruit
Sonnhöfl, Kastelbell | Decoration, Jewellery, Soaps
Brennerei Felsenriss, Lana | Distillates, liquors
Genuss & Lachs, Eppan | Smoked salmon, salmon rolls, salmon tartare
Hochgruberhof, Mühlwald | Cheese, milk products, whey sweets
Rasler Hof, Barbian | Essential oils, pine wood products
Fronteggele, Völs am Schlern | Distillates, juices, fruit spreads
Bergila, Pfalzen | Distillates, essential oils, herbal products
Hofkäserei Aftmult, Mals | Cheese, dairy, meat products
Afingsbruckhof, Sarntal | Pickled vegetables, fruit and herbal syrups
Obertimpfler-Hof, Vöran | Meat products
Unterratschill-Hof, St. Martin im Kofel | Fresh meat
Mittereggen-Hof, St. Pankraz | Bread
Gärtnerei Rinner, Latsch | Organic pot herbs
Kräuterschlössl, Goldrain | Herbal products, cosmetics
Reichneggerhof, Lana | Distillates, liquors, fruit spreads
Zum Oberen Hof, St. Nikolaus | Herbal cosmetics, herbal salts
Infanglhof, Pfossental | Meat products, cheese, dairy products, bread
Viktor Kofler, Lana | Meat products, cheese, dairy products
Spinnradl, St. Leonhard | Sheep wool products
Arche Südtirol Artenvielfaltshöfe | Seeds, plants
Sortengarten, Bozen | Plants, seeds
Bio-Hofbäckerei Folie, Prad | Bread, pastries
Schupferhof, St. Martin | Cheese, dairy products
Pflanz Gutes, Meran | Organic plants and seeds from permaculture
Föraner Hof, Unterinn | Fruit and herbal syrups, wine, dried fruit
Ahrntaler Kräuter Manufaktur, St. Johann | Herbal products
Hofkäserei Laugenspitz, Tisens | Cheese, milk products
Imkerei Pichler, St. Martin | Honey, beekeeper products
Alpenecke, Lana | Stone pine products, cosmetics