Dear guests,
in these special times we have to respect the rules to protect everyone. Out of love for our adventure pool we ask our guests to observe the following guidelines.
We appeal to personal responsibility.
Despite everything, we wish you a pleasant stay.
The adventure pool team

~The swimming pool must not be entered at
- fever (over 37.5°) or other flu symptoms

~On the sunbathing lawn, the protection for mouth and nose may only be removed when a safety distance of 1 metre to other people is guaranteed.

~If the distance of 1 metre cannot be maintained, protection for mouth and nose must always be worn.

~Excluded from the distance rules are members of the same household living together.

~Hands must be disinfected on entering and leaving the structure.

~Wash your hands before and after using the toilet.

~Always follow the instructions of the pool staff.

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