1) Material and equipment requirements:

Mountain Bikes
• Only mountain bikes are allowed.
• The mountain bike is not provided by the organizer.
• The entire mountain bike route may only be traversed with one and the same bike. The tread pattern of the tyres must be at least 26 x 1.6 inches. Participants may be disqualified in the case of possible controls (see Route Description).
• Wearing a certified cycling helmet is mandatory, whereby the chinstrap must be closed at all times.
• Footwear must meet Alpine requirements (see Route Description).
• The use of sticks is prohibited.
Touring Skiing
• Only touring skis with steel edges and touring bindings as well as ski touring shoes may be used. Cross-country skiing or telemark equipment is not permitted.
• Minimum length of touring skis: for men 160 cm and for women 150 cm.
• The skis may not be changed during the race.
• Skins of your choice. Crampons are permitted.
• Helmet duty applies. The helmet must be a standardized ski touring helmet (EN 12492 or UIAA 106).
• It is obligatory to wear long-sleeved protective clothing / wind stoppers, as we are in high Alpine terrain and the weather can change quickly.
ATTENTION: During the competition the downhill run is closed – all athletes must therefore use the cable car to get to the valley prematurely!

2) General Competition Conditions:
Mountain bikers may only use the right lane of the main road, as the left side of the road is not closed.
• The starting number must be attached in such a way that it is clearly legible. When changing in the transition zones, please attach them visibly to clothing!
• In the case of inclement weather, each athlete must equip him or herself accordingly.
• He/she must ensure that their dry clothes are available at the transition points or at the destination. The organizer provides individual athletes with clothing and material transport
• Changing rooms and showers are located in Madonna di Senales and in Maso Corto.
• The organizer will provide catering along the route in the form of drinks
• In the transition zones, any help from the supervisors is prohibited. Self-sufficiency of food and drinks by supervisor and coach is allowed along the route.
• Escort vehicles are not permitted for reasons of traffic safety and for organizational reasons.
• It can be life-threatening to participate shortly after infectious diseases (e.g. angina, flu) or with a fever. Doping is strictly prohibited. Each participant bears full and sole responsibility for his or her state of health.

3) Non-Compliance with the Following Regulations Will Lead to Disqualification:
• Use of material that is not permitted by the organizer (see Material Requirements)
• Leaving or shortening the prescribed route
• Passing on a starting number
• Assistance through external intervention or the use of technical aids
• Disability of competitors
• Unfair sportsmanship and failure to comply with safety standards
• Any participant can be removed the race by the race director or the race doctor if his or her health condition requires it
• The exceeding of the target time at the respective checkpoints (see section A, point 4: Time Limit). Competitors who reach the transition points or the finish line after the end of the checkpoint will not be scored, and the right to competition services cannot be guaranteed (e.g. catering, medical care, ranking).
• Fairness and sportsmanship are written in capital letters!

4) Surrender or Retirement Due to Technical Defect:
Every participant is obliged to sign out at the next marshal in the case of retirement or abandonment of the race. In any case, he or she must ensure that the race management is informed about his or her whereabouts.

5) Appeal to the Race Committee:
Objections must be submitted in writing to the race management team within 30 minutes after the official announcement of the results on the notice board in Madonna di Senales, together with an amount of € 100. A decision will be made within the next hour. If the complaint is accepted, the amount will be refunded.
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oetzi_alpin_marathon 10 months ago oetzi_alpin_marathon

Wir möchten uns bei allen Athleten und Sponsoren für eure Unterstützung und das Verständnis bzgl. der Absage des #ötzialpinmarathon bedanken! #gesundheitgehtvor
Und da wir positiv nach vorne blicken, möchten wir euch auch bereits jetzt den Termin für den nächsten ÖAM mitteilen! Wir freuen uns darauf!
Und nicht vergessen: #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #wirbleibenzuhause #noirestiamoacasa

oetzi_alpin_marathon 11 months ago oetzi_alpin_marathon

Stay positive!
#alleswirdgut #tuttoandràbene #everythingwillbeok

oetzi_alpin_marathon 11 months ago oetzi_alpin_marathon

Liebe Athleten, liebe Helfer, liebe Sponsoren und liebe Zuschauer,

leider müssen auch wir euch mitteilen, dass wir aufgrund der aktuellen Ereignisse den Ötzi Alpin Marathon absagen müssen.
Die Gesundheit und Sicherheit der Athleten, der Helfer und deren Familien hat oberste Priorität. Gerade jetzt ist es wichtig, dass wir alle an einem Strang ziehen und den behördlichen Vorgaben so gut wie möglich Folge leisten.
Die diesjährigen Anmeldungen werden automatisch auf das Jahr 2021 übertragen; die genauen Infos dazu erhalten die angemeldeten Athleten direkt per Mail.

Umso mehr freuen wir uns dann auf den nächsten Ötzi Alpin Marathon am 24.04.2021 und hoffen, dass wir auch dann wieder auf euch zählen können!
Das OK-Team
#miarbleibendrhuam #westayathome #wirbleibenzuhause #noirestiamoacasa

Cari atleti, cari volontari, cari sponsor e cari spettatori,

Purtroppo dobbiamo informarvi che, a causa dell'attualità, dobbiamo annullare la maratona alpina di Ötzi.
La salute e la sicurezza degli atleti, degli aiutanti e delle loro famiglie è la nostra priorità assoluta. In questo momento è importante che tutti noi collaboriamo e seguiamo il regolamento ufficiale il più possibile.
Le iscrizioni di quest'anno saranno automaticamente riportate al 2021; i dettagli esatti saranno inviati agli atleti iscritti direttamente via e-mail.

Un motivo in più per guardare alla prossima maratona alpina di Ötzi il 24.04.2021 e sperare di poter contare di nuovo su di voi!
Grazie per la vostra comprensione.

Il comitato organizzativo

oetzi_alpin_marathon 11 months ago oetzi_alpin_marathon

❗Der Countdown läuft❗
In 2 Monaten ist es soweit: der Ötzi Alpin Marathon geht in die 17. Runde!
Sichert euch noch euren Startplatz!
➡️ ⬅️

12 months ago

Who is still not convinced to participate in the marathon - Look how much fun awaits you!