Rights of the organizer
Rights of the organizer

The organizer reserves the right:
• To change the route in the case of extreme weather conditions, or to cancel the competition completely if the safety of the athletes and helpers can no longer be guaranteed. The participants will be informed in due time. A postponement of the race is not possible.
• To make possible changes to the route, even at short notice, in the event of a sudden change in weather conditions or other unforeseeable reasons that may endanger the safety of the participants and helpers. The judgement of the race committee is incontestable.
• To declare the applications annulled or to not accept them;
• To issue special invitations;
• To expand or limit the number of participants;
• To extend the participation requirements or the regulations;
• The exchange or reassignment of individual Top Athletes to other teams, should this be necessary;

Participation in the Ötzi Alpine Marathon is at your own risk. By registering (also through a third person), participants waive all legal claims, including those of third parties, against the organizer and all natural and legal persons connected with the organization of the event. Furthermore, by registering, the participants confirm that they are sufficiently trained to cope with the high level of physical strain involved.
The organizer does not assume any liability for lost clothing or equipment of participants, or any damage that may occur during transport of the equipment.
By registering and paying the organization fee, the athlete accepts the above mentioned regulations. Participation in the marathon is at your own risk.

Data Protection:
The personal data of participants provided during registration will be stored and processed only for the purposes of the execution and handling of the event. With the registration, the participant agrees to storage of the data.
The participant agrees that any personal data thus collected may be passed on to third parties for the purpose of timekeeping, compiling and posting the results, and the placement of these results on the homepage. By registering, the participant agrees to the publication of this data by the organizer in all relevant media (homepage, print media and Internet).

By registering, the participant agrees that the personal data provided in the entry form may be stored, and that any photos or film footage taken in connection with the Ötzi Alpine Marathon may be used and published without any claim to remuneration. You will find the link below for our intended handling of data protection: https://www.datasport.com/de/datenschutzerklaerung/

Important: by registering, the participant accepts all rules and regulations as binding for him/herself (regulations are subject to change!).
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Paolo Diobelli 1 year ago Paolo Diobelli

Finisco i miei primi cinquant’anni con una gara che mi ha sempre appassionato. Un triathlon Alpino, un viaggio dal fondovalle di Naturno al ghiacciaio di Senales. Partiti con 11°, un vento gelido in quota con un percepito di -25º ha obbligato un cambio di programma sul tracciato scialpinistico. Una bella fatica con il carissimo amico Alessandro Coppini ed un coatch d’eccezione @StefanoCavicchini. Ne avevo bisogno! Ci voleva un break, un momento di svago per rigenerare la mente e per staccare la spina! Adesso si ritorna alla quotidianità ... la fatica vera!! 😅

Mai Strack 🇮🇹

Ötzi Alpin Marathon #nevergiveup #maistrac #valsenales Team Skiapp Asd

ASV Gherdëina Runners 1 year ago ASV Gherdëina Runners

Un gran complimento al nostro atleta Georg Piazza per il secondo posto al Ötzi Alpin Marathon. 🚵‍♂️🏃‍♂️🎿🔝👏

Lukas Kaufmann - Mountainbike Extremsportler 1 year ago Lukas Kaufmann - Mountainbike Extremsportler

Von Naturns (500m) mit Bike + Laufschuhen + Ski auf den Schnalstaler Gletscher (2500m) -> Ötzi Alpin Marathon ich komme wieder 😍

Ötzi Alpin Marathon 1 year ago Ötzi Alpin Marathon

Ötzi Alpin Marathon 2022

📸: Newspower

Ötzi Alpin Marathon 1 year ago Ötzi Alpin Marathon

Hier geht's zu den Ergebnissen des Ötzi Alpin Marathon 2022 🏆: https://www.datasport.com/live/ranking/?racenr=24519

Qui torvate i risultati dell'Ötzi Alpin Marathon 2022 🏆: https://www.datasport.com/live/ranking/?racenr=24519

Here you can find the results of the Ötzi Alpin Marathon 2022 🏆:

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