ipotsch - Val Senales' felt slipper

Thanks to its diverse and distinctive natural and cultural landscape, the Schnals Valley is one of the most fascinating valleys in the entire Alps. The discovery of Ötzi, the glacier mummy, and the annual driving of sheep – the transhumance - over the main ridge of the Alps, are proof that hunters and shepherds have been travelling through the Schnals Valley for thousands of years. The wool in these slippers (potsch) comes only from Schnals mountain sheep, which are perfectly suited to life in this Alpine region. The felt is made in one of the most prestigious loden and felt factories in South Tyrol. The wool in these felt slippers has proven itself, for example, through optimum thermal balance and tremendous durability. The ipotsch product are warranted for hand made, ecologic and etic production. The slippers "ipotsch" are available in the tourist office a Certosa.

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