Sauna facilities
Sauna facilities

Sauna facilities

Finnish sauna
In our sauna area there are two Finnish saunas, one indoor sauna and one large outdoor sauna with a panoramic view. The outdoor sauna has availability for 36 people. It is used as a dry and infusion sauna and is heated up to 90°C. Afterwards you have the possibility to take a shower outside and get some fresh air.
Another Finnish sauna for 20 people is located in the indoor area.
In the Finnish sauna the body is cleansed of waste products, the immune system as well as the heart and circulation are strengthened.

Organic sauna
In the bio-sauna the temperatures are somewhat more moderate. The room temperature is 60°C and the air humidity is 45 - 55% which is gentle on the circulation. The magnificent view of the vineyards and Naturnser Sonnenberg will make your soul dangle even more beautifully. Through a herb sieve, the fresh organic mountain hay from the region and Mediterranean herbs evaporate and unfold their beneficial effects.
The bio sauna offers space for about 20 sauna guests.

Steam bath
Here you can let the healing steam work on body and soul at 100% humidity and a cosy 40°C.
Take a deep breath and feel your skin pores open. A peeling with sea salt is recommended. The coarse-grained crystals help to open blocked skin pores and free them from talc deposits.
The steam sauna is very healthy and helps to prevent illnesses, to stimulate the metabolism and has a very liberating effect on the respiratory tract.
Our steam bath offers space for approx. 12 sauna guests

Physiotherm infrared cabin
In the infrared cabin there is healthy deep warmth and this at a temperature that is gentle on the circulation.
Physiotherm's low-temperature infrared technology warms the body from the inside and helps, among other things, to increase blood circulation, promote purification and detoxification of the body, relieve tension, accelerate regeneration after physical exertion, relieve back pain, reduce stress more quickly, strengthen the body's defences and improve metabolism.There is room for 2 people in our infrared cabin.
Our sauna area
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