Sunny Mountain Trail

30 km - 2.100 m meters of altitude difference

Sunny Mountain trail – 30 km length, 2,100 m altitude difference

The start is at 9,00 o'clock at the Rathausplatz square in Naturno/Naturns, at 530 m altitude. The first few kilometers are on asphalt and gravel roads through the village of Naturno, leading to the beginning of the trails. As soon as the route reaches the first trail after approx. 3 km, there is a beautiful ascent (Path no. 39A) with an altitude difference of approx. 400 m to Unterrain Hof farm. Once there, a short asphalt road leads to the Unterwandhof farm, where the route changes back onto trails before arriving at the first descent (Path no. 26). After a fast but also somewhat crisp downhill stage of approx. 400 m altitude difference, it slowly rises again (Path no. 91) leading uphill in the direction of the Winkler Hof farm. Shortly before reaching the farm, the route turns and becomes more varied, and partly quite steep (Paths no. 39 – 2A – 2 – 8A), then leading up to the Durster Hof farm, where at approx. km 10 the first refreshment stage awaits. There then follows (Path no. 26) a stage over great uphill and downhill terrain, which trail runners will surely find enjoyable. After about 2 km along this trail, the next ascent of 600 m altitude difference (Path no. 39) leads to the Gruberhof farm, where a beautiful but also partly steep ascent (Path no. 39B – 2) towards the Texel cable car is planned. The highest point (1,584 m) of the race is reached here, followed by a beautiful trail (Path no. 24) along the Merano High Mountain Trail, which ends after about 14.5 km of the race at an asphalt road. The route reaches the Hochforch Hof farm (refreshment no. 2, km 16), before a very exciting and sudden entry to a gorge of about 1,000 steps. This ravine lives up to its name, as there really are many steep steps up and down to be completed. Once you have passed the gorge with its imposing suspension bridge and crossed the Pirchhof farm, a short stretch of asphalt follows to the Grub Hof farm, where the 3rd refreshment point awaits runners. Continuing on the Merano High Mountain Trail, the route continues along trails and over a suspension bridge to the Galmein Hof farm, then on to Innerforch Hof and Linthof farms, before leaving Path no. 24, with a long descent of approx. 750 m difference in altitude to follow. The route leads past the Patleid Hof farm, then on to the Unterstell cable car station (refreshment stage no. 4), to Höfl farm and then (Path no. 10) in the direction of Naturno. Arriving at an altitude of about 750 m, there is a nice flat trail of about 1.5 km, which leads uphill for a short time at the end and then downward again for about 200 m altitude difference. After this descent, the last ascent of about 100 altitude difference follows, before the trail and then a gravel – asphalt road lead to the finish point at Rathausplatz Naturno.
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alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun 10 days ago

The results of the 4th Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun can be found here:
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Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun Naturns Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun Naturns 13 days ago
Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun Naturns

"We have a surprise for you!🔥
Beim morgigen Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun ist der Südtiroler Hannes Perkmann dabei! 😱
Er ist der Südtiroler Favorit für das Rennen! 🏃‍♂️🏔️"

Wir können es kaum erwarten!❤


"We have a surprise for you!🔥
Hannes Perkmann parteciperà all'Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun di domani! 😱
È il favorito altoatesino per la gara! 🏃‍♂️🏔️"

Non vediamo l'ora!❤

alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun 13 days ago

"We have a surprise for you!🔥
Hannes Perkmann will be participating in tomorrow's Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun! 😱
He is the South Tyrolean favorite for the race! 🏃‍♂️🏔️"

#naturns #naturno #oetzitrailrun #ötzitrailrun #rockthesunnymountain #trailruning

Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun Naturns Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun Naturns 14 days ago
Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun Naturns

Liebe Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer,

wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bei euch für die zahlreichen Anmeldungen bedanken!😍 Eure Begeisterung für unser Event ist überwältigend.🔥
Bitte beachtet, dass die Anmeldungen nun geschlossen sind.❌Für etwaige Nachmeldungen steht euch unser Raceoffice zur Verfügung. ☺️Allerdings möchten wir darauf hinweisen, dass für Nachmeldungen keine Teilnehmer-Geschenke mehr verfügbar sind. 🎁Wir danken euch für euer Verständnis und freuen uns darauf, gemeinsam ein unvergessliches Event zu erleben.🏃

Mit sportlichen Grüßen,❤
Euer Ötzi Trailrun - OK-Team

Cari partecipanti,

desideriamo ringraziarvi calorosamente per le numerose iscrizioni!😍 La vostra passione per il nostro evento è davvero travolgente.🔥
Vi informiamo che le iscrizioni sono ora chiuse.❌ Per eventuali iscrizioni tardive, vi preghiamo di recarvi presso il nostro ufficio gare. Tuttavia, desideriamo precisare che per le iscrizioni tardive non sarà disponibile alcun omaggio per i partecipanti.🎁 Vi ringraziamo per la comprensione e non vediamo l'ora di vivere insieme un evento indimenticabile.🏃

Con cordiali saluti,❤️
il vostro team organizzativo

alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun alpenplus_oetzi_trailrun 14 days ago

Dear participants,

We would like to thank you very much for your numerous registrations!😍 Your enthusiasm for our event is overwhelming.🔥
Please note that registrations are now closed. ❌Our race office is at your disposal for any late registrations.😊 However, we would like to point out that there are no more participant gifts available for late registrations.🎁 We thank you for your understanding and look forward to experiencing an unforgettable event together.🏃

With best regards,❤️
Your Ötzi Trailrun-Team

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