Hiking, medium

From Sirmiano di Sopra to Gaido

General description

This walk (from Sirmiano di Sopra to Gaido) starts at the car park at Sirmiano di Sopra.

Route description

You go through a short stretch of forest and a meadow (path no. 9) right on the Tränksteig. Take the Tränksteig until you end at a crossroad. At this crossroad, you turn left to Gaido.

After about a hundred meters you walk down the path no. 7 and afterwards no. 8A, which you follow until the turning to Gaido (path no. 7A). Now you go down on the path no. 7A and no. 9 to Gaido.

The path no. 8 leads you from Gaido back to Sirmiano di Sopra (refreshments). Shortly before the Inntertinner, you walk along the path no. 6 through a short stretch of forest to a nice viewpoint (Burgstalleck).

length: 8,8 km

difference in altitude: 310 m

duration: 3,5 hours

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