The Sterntaler Christmas Market in Lana
A unique shopping experience for the whole family
The Sterntaler Christmas Market in Lana
The Sterntaler Christmas Market in Lana
Crafts, food & other festive stalls at the Christmas market
The Sterntaler Christmas Market in Lana
The Sterntaler Christmas Market in Lana
A unique Advent experience for all
The Sterntaler Christmas Market in Lana
The Christmas Market in Lana - Sterntaler above the Capuchin garden
Seeing in the New Year in style
The Christmas Market in Lana - Sterntaler above the Capuchin garden

The Sterntaler Christmas Market in Lana

Christmas fairy-tale atmosphere

This year the Sterntaler Christmas Market in Lana looks set to be even more congenial than previously. Starting on 29 November and lasting until 24 December 2024, this annual event over the weekends in Advent is held in the gardens of the historic Capuchin Monastery. Hosting some 24 stalls, this picturesque historical setting will undoubtedly contribute to the special atmosphere. 

Miniature pine trees laden with shiny red baubles and the enchanting decorative illumination adorning the intricate stands, exhibit authentic South Tyrolean handicraft. 

A varied family programme featuring ponies and sheep, include a children's glitter workshop and a small circus for kids to join in. All this and more to the accompaniment of live music, assuring unforgettable Christmas fun for one and all. 
Opening hours:
29.11.-01.12.24 | 10.00-19.30 Uhr
05.12.24 | 15.00-21.00 Uhr (just gastronomy)
06.12.-08.12.24 | 10.00-19.30 Uhr
13.12.-15.12.24 | 10.00-19.30 Uhr 
20.12.-23.12.24 | 10.00-19.30 Uhr
24.12.24 | 10.00-14.00 Uhr
31.12.24 | 10.00-18.00 Uhr (just gastronomy)
The gastronomy stands remain open until 21.00.

The "Sterntaler" christmas lottery. Look around, look around, the "Sterntaler" girl is walking aorund...

Supporting Children with Cardiac Disease

Held over the four weekends in Advent, the Sterntaler Christmas Market in the gardens of the former  Capuchin Monastery in Lana this year promises something extra. Besides the traditional food stands and painstakingly decorated stalls laden with eye-catching wares, the Sterntaler Christmas Market Girl will hold a raffle with the proceeds going to the sick Children's Charity. With tickets costing just € 2 a piece, everyone has a chance of winning!

Part of this year's proceeds will go to the "Kinderherz" Association. By purchasing a ticket, you help to support  this South Tyrolean Children's Charity, who assist families with children suffering from heart disease, and helping to promote their welfare. 

Buy your ticket and help to support our children with cardiac disease!
They will be more than grateful for your help!


Day Spa with lunch for 2 persons at Hotel Alpiana - green luxury, Völlan/Lana
Day Spa with breakfast for 2 persons at Bio Refugium theiner's garten, Gargazon
Day Spa for 2 persons at the vigilius mountain resort, Vigiljoch/Lana
Seasonal tickets The Natural Bad, Gargazon
Dinner for 2 at the Hotel Schwarzschmied, Lana
Evening menu for 2 persons at the restaurant Hidalgo, Burgstall
2 pizzas including drink at Gasthof Falger, Völlan/Lana

Who dares wins... with a bit of luck, you'll fish one of the main prizes out of the star talers basket:

Pastalpina - apple-herbal mix
Pawigler Wirt - hot drink
Sternlhütte - hot drink
Fisolgut-Hof - rye bread
Alpenecke - homemade products out of stone pine 20x20
Danicus - handmade fashion jewelery
Flatschr Wooddesign - wooden bowls
Handmade by Birgit - beanies, cherry pit pillows
Hofkäserei Laugenspitz - yoghurt 200 g, fresh cheese
Imkerei Pichler - honey
jul-keramik - ceramics from wild clay
Kräuterliebe - wild herb salts and tea
Lunaria - delicate tea lights made of paper
Mach-Unikate - jewellery
Moarhof - chutney, herb syrup
Mohnkapsl - floral handicrafts
Morgenrot - handmade hats
Römerhof - polenta flour, corn flour
Tschögglberger Speck - 2 chimney sausages
Venustis - chocolate, pralines

HemdenMax Lana - daypack, shirt underwear
Knoll Schuhe - voucher à 20,00 €
Buchladen Lana - voucher à 10,00 €
Mr. Boon - voucher à 50,00 €
Flying Kidswear Kinderbekleidung - voucher à 20,00 €
Salon Millenium - barber shop voucher
Mode Bärele Lana - voucher à 15,00 €
Juwelier Plunger - voucher à 20,00 €, voucher à 10,00 €
Gemma Store Lana - voucher à 10,00 €
Laimer Woodwatch - voucher à 25,00 €
Schlaf G'sund - voucher à 30,00 €
Spitaler Schuhe - voucher à 50,00 €
Mode Egger - voucher à 25,00 €
Feines Family Store - voucher à 20,00 €
Drogerie Marka Lana - gift box
Florale Werkstatt - voucher à 30,00 €
Schmidt Bäckerei - panettone
Top Fashion - voucher à 50,00 €
Pichler's Optic - voucher à 30,00 €
Biokistl - voucher à 50,00 €
Apotheke Peer - voucher à 20,00 €
Apotheke Mariahilf - voucher à 25,00 €
Weltladen - gift box
Hoppa Poppa  - material prizes
Rosengold - voucher à 50,00 €
Boutique Mavé - scarf
Latteria Sociale Castelfondo - voucher à 25,00 €

"Christmas post box"

Christmas postcards with atmospheric motifs from Lana with Christmas wishes and send them on their way. To where? In every conceivable direction in the world. The "Christmas post box" at the Sterntaler Christmas market swallows the many cards and the Lana and environs tourist office takes care of franking and dispatch.

This year, the Sterntale photo caravan, a red caravan in vintage style, awaits you for your photo shoots.

It will be fun to snap fun photos with the available accessories and print them out in seconds. A mobile wi-fi for sharing, downloading and sending the pictures via email, Whatsapp, Facebook etc. will round up the photo session, 1pm-6.30pm, on the Advent weekends.

So, get in the photo caravan: choose accessories and layout, position yourself and smile into the lens!
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