Casatsch Ruins - Pfeffersburg

On the mountain ledge of the Tisen Vorbichl mountain, near Nals, just above the Tisen hamlet of Schernag, in 1194, five men from Tisens - after having been given permission by the bishop Konrad II von Beseno - built a castle. The area was called Kasatsch (from the Latin "casaccia" = big house) and there are also some findings from a pre-historic settlement. The permission included a deal, that this castle had to be open at all times for the Bishop of Trento and his ministerial officers, the Counts of Eppan. No family name was carried forward with the existence of the castle. It was also feoffed to several service personal of the Eppan counts. During the centuries that followed, the castle changed ownership several times. Before the year 1600, Castle Kasatsch was also called Pfeffersburg as the former owners were the Lords of Pfeffersberg. Today, there is very little left of the former fortress, although it is still possible to see the oval ring wall and the remains of a two-part annex. Around 1600, the residence was left empty and began to fall into disrepair. Due to the fact that it did not have extended buildings, the castle was kept in its original form and the renovation work carried out between 1999 and 2002 by its present owner, Mrs Verena Jordan, ensured it would stay that way. The excellent preservation of the ruins of Castle Kasatsch (municipality from Tesimo) ensures that every visitor can enjoy a unique experience, while travelling back in time to the Middle Ages and its knights.

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