St. Proculus Church and Museum
St. Proculus Church and Museum

Welcome to St. Proculus church and museum

1500 years of history brought to life

Soon after entering Naturno from the East, the small Church of St. Proculus can be seen nestled amid the apple orchards that dominate the surroundings.

From the outside, nothing betrays the artistic treasures hidden within its walls. Yet the frescoes of this small church, dating from the 8th century, are some of the most important mural paintings in Central Europe.

Similarly, the Proculus Museum facing the church is not immediately recognisable as such. It is entirely subterranean and only identified from the outside by the entrance. With the help of four dedicated multimedia exhibition rooms, it guides visitors through late antiquity, the early and late Middle Ages and the early modern period, and house exhibits including the Gothic frescoes and many finds removed from the Church of St. Proculus.

The following pages provide a brief insight into the history of this extraordinary church and interesting facts on the discoveries and frescoes found there, as well as important practical information such as opening times and contact details for the church and museum.