St. Proculus Church
St. Proculus Church
Although inconspicuous from the outside, St. Proculus Church hides a priceless treasure within: impressive frescoes from the early Christian 8th century, which make the church one of the most important artistic treasures in Central Europe.

Alongside the pre-Romanesque frescoes, the church is also decorated with Gothic frescoes dating from the 14th century, including a depiction of the Creation on its exterior. Later frescoes that covered the oldest mural paintings have been removed and are now on display in the Proculus Museum opposite the church.

The best known image from the church is probably “The Saint on the Swing”, which is thought to depict the church’s namesake – Proculus. Saint Proculus, a survivor of Diocletian’s persecution of Christians, was one of the first bishops of Verona. However, he was forced to flee the city under pressure from its pagan governor, which is why he has been linked to the swing scene in the Proculus Church.

The Church of St. Proculus has been cared for and managed by Maria and Heinrich Koch for over 30 years. With their wealth of knowledge and love of detail, they bring the frescoes of the church to life, drawing attention to the colourful herds of cattle, the enigmatic man on the swing and the Celtic decorations, and demonstrating how it is the very contradictions in the church that illuminate a reconciliation, a similarity between religions.
Impressions of the Church of San Procolo