From Naturno to the Parcines waterfall

a natural marvel - the unstoppable force of nature

General description

Adventure hike Naturnser and Partschinser Sonnenberg over the old mountain farms to the most impressive waterfall in South Tyrol in Partschins/Parcines.


Route description

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From the centre of Naturns/Naturno Feldgasse and St. Prokulusstraße, follow the trail n° 39/91 to the Sonnenberger Panoramaweg. Walk along this trail n°91 until you reach the Runster Mühle mill. After the historic mill, follow the trail n° 39a/91 uphill to the Weitgrub farm and through the forest uphill to the Unterrain and Unterwand farms. From there, follow trail n° 26 to the Dursterhof inn. Continue descending along trail n° 26 through mixed forest to the Birkenwald inn at the foot of the Parcines waterfall. From there, continue on hiking trail n° 23/8B, past the Partschins/Parcines waterfall, to the restaurant Wasserfall and the viewpoint. At the restaurant Wasserfall is the bus stop for bus line n° 265 to Partschins/Parcines. 
Return with bus n° 265 to Partschins/Parcines and from there continue with bus n° 266 to Naturns/Naturno. (Walking time from the Wasserfall bus stop to Partschins/Parcines approx. 50 minutes).

Public transport

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Bus to Naturns/Naturno line n° 251
Train to Naturns/Naturno line n° 250

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