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Ötzi Archery and Mountaincarts Lazaun

Choose between an entry to the 3D archery course (small course) at the Moarhof farm at Monte S. Caterina
a single ride with the mountain carts at Maso Corto.

Feel the spirit of our forefathers, with bow and arrow, as Ötzi has already done. The Moarhof farm in Monte S. Caterina requires maximum concentration and accuracy! On the more than 4 km long 3D archery course of Valentin Müller you go hunting with arrow and bow. Immerse yourself in these millennia-old techniques that already ensured the survival of our ancestors. The desired ticket for the small course can be redeemed directly at the Moarhof farm.

Opening hours:
The 3D archery course Moarhof in Monte S. Caterina is open from Monday to Saturday. Reservation desired.

Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12th of June until 19th of September 2021 the Sportservice Erwin Stricker offer the rent of Mountaincarts. These can be rent at Lazaun cable car mountain station from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.. The desired ticket can be redeemed at the Lazaun mountain station. The Mountaincarts can be returned at the Lazaun cable car valley station.

Opening hours:
Sportservice Erwin Stricker’s Mountaincarts rental service is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 June. It is located directly at the mountain station of the Lazaun cable car.
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