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Bike route Valley Venosta/Vinschgau: Malles/Mals-Merano/Meran

Starting from Merano, you can explore the Venosta Valley while taking advantage of a beneficial combination: bike and train. The Venosta Valley Line, known as the Vinschgerbahn in German, offers a spectecular landscape. At the terminal station, located in Malles (56 km from Merano), one can pick up a bike at the local Südtirol Rad point, and then ride all the way back to Merano on a well-maintained bike path. Should the return journey prove too long, you may return the bike at any Südtirol Rad point along the way, relaxing on the train. Bike points are available at the train stations in Spondigna, Silandro, Laces, Naturno e Merano. Who prefers to take his own bike can carry it on the train by paying a supplement (only during low season). From May to October it is not allowed to carry bikes on the train. For that reason a bike shuttle service has been set up. This truck transport carries bicycles from Merano Train Station to Malles, with passengers able to pick up their bikes at any one of the following railway station bicycle points: Naturno, Laces, Silandro, Spondigna, Malles. Only 20 km from Malles there is the Resia Pass, connected by a nice cycle path. Also at Resia Pass there is a bike rental point of Südtirol Rad. You can reach Resia from Malles by bus (number 273).

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