Traveling with Tisner Reisen: Ulten Valley – Lago Smeraldo – The Worldʼs Larges

A trip into the Ulten Valley and on to the Zoggler reservoir above St. Walburg, where we will be treated to a seasonal guided tour of the Kräuterreich Wegleit (wild herbs, garden flowers, herbs, wool and much more). We continue via the Deutschnons Valley to Fondo, where we have the opportunity to make a pitstop at the cheese factory. Then, we go to Lago Smeraldo for our lunch break, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a walk around the lake. In the afternoon, we travel via Tisens to Prissian to visit the Versoaln, the world’s largest and probably oldest vine, at Katzenzungen Castle. The return journey to your resort takes us via Nals and the Etsch Valley.
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