Wine & Bike: Wine Routes in Nalles
On the trail of the wine lands
Wine & Bike: Wine Routes in Nalles

Wine & Bike: Wine Routes in Nalles

On the trail of the wine lands

There are three wine routes leading along the South Tyrol Wine Road, across apple orchards, fields, vineyards and villages.

Cyclists wishing to explore the South Tyrol Wine Road (Südtiroler Weinstraße) have three trails to choose from. Winding through fields, orchards and vineyards, the three Wine Routes are far removed from traffic. Cyclists on the Wine Route can stop to look around the picturesque local villages, where winemaking traditions are deeply rooted.

Smart cyclists know that:

Water is for quenching one’s thirst, but wine is for drinking for pleasure.
Secure bicycle parking permits cyclists to stop and look around.
For wines purchased along the Wine Route, arrangements can be made for delivery to the purchaser’s hotel. Not all sellers offer this paid service, but it may be provided on request by some wineries.

The following trails may be cycled on their own, or in combination with each other.

The Northern Wine Route:
The Lagrein and Sauvignon Route: starting at Piazza Walther/Waltherplatz square in Bolzano/Bozen, the route continues to Terlano/Terlan, and Vilpiano/Vilpian before ending in Nalles/Nals. Alternatively, the train operating between Bolzano – Terlano may also be used by cyclists. On the return journey, the route passes through the villages of Andrinao/Andrian and Frangarto/Frangart.

The Central Wine Route:
The Pinot Blanc and Kalterersee Route: starting in Caldaro/Kaltern, the route leads to the picturesque villages of Girlano/Girlan and Appiano/Eppan. The route begins and ends in Caldaro, with its magnificent Kalterersee lake nd is the shortest of the three South Tyrol Wine Routes.

The Southern Wine Route:
The Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir Route: the route leads through the wine villages of Cortaccia/Kurtatsch and Margré/Margreid before arriving in Cortina/Kurtinig and finally reaching Salorno/Salurn.

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