Traveling with Tisner Reisen: Ulten Valley

Trip to St. Gertraud in the Ulten Valley. Short walk to see the three ancient larches, the oldest in Europe. Originally there were four and when the last one fell, it was said to have 2000 annual rings. Brief stop in St. Gertraud with the option of visiting the “Lahnersäge” sawmill in the Stelvio national park. We then continue by coach to Lake Zoggler above the village of St. Walburg. Accompanied by Traudi Schwienbacher, we follow the Kneipp trail and learn about the curative power of water, movement, diet and medicinal herbs. At the end of the trail is the “Ultner Mühle“, a mil in the middle of the wood still used for grinding flour. Here you can bake bread and taste it fresh from the oven.
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