Bird Care Centre Tyrol Castle

Since 1998 injured birds of prey have been cared for on the motte of Tyrol Castle in special aviaries until they are healthy and ready to be released back into the wild again. The center also gives a long-term home to birds that are incapable of flying again. Healthy birds are able to fly over the motte every day thanks to the center’s favorable hillside location. Visitors can watch the birds of prey swooping and gliding during twice-daily flight demonstrations.
Experts Willy Campei and Florian Gamper are also on hand to tell visitors about the birds’ lives and their part in the cycle of nature, as well as important protection measures.
Visitors can learn about the fascinating life of birds of prey in this wonderful landscaped setting with integrated educational trails.

description to arrive at destination

Along the Bolzano-Merano expressway to the Merano South/Sinigo exit - Tirolo - along the main street to the car park beside the Clubhouse. From there on foot along the Falknerpromenade trail - Via del Castello to Tyrol Castle.

Opening times: 30 maart 2019 - 3 november 2019
10:30 - 17:00