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Alpine Tour to the Mutspitze Mountain

The Mutspitze, Tirolo/Dorf Tirol’s local mountain, is one of the most popular scenic mountains high above Merano/Meran and is one of the most climbed peaks in the Texelgruppe Nature Park.

description to arrive at destination

Along the Bolzano/Bozen-Merano/Meran expressway to the Merano/Meran South - Sinigo/Sinich exit - Tirolo/Dorf Tirol - along the Via Principale/Via Aslago to the valley station of the Hochmuth cable car.

Route description

Take the cable car to the Hochmuth mountain hut. Trail no. 22 leads past Steinegg mountain hut  to the Mutkopf mountain hut, located at 1,684 m. The tour continues on forest trail no. 22/23 up over the ridge until the trail forks. Bear left and continue uphill on the undemanding trail no. 23 over the steep eastern ridge to the peak (2,295 m). This offers magnificent views of Merano and Environs, the nearby mountains of the Texelgruppe Nature Park, and the Passeiertal, Etschtal and Vinschgau valleys. Descend via the same trail. Sure-footedness is a must for this tour.