Ski Tour to the Hasenöhrl Mountain

General description

The Hasenöhrl is the easternmost three-thousand metre mountain of the Ortler group with an imposing view. The crossroads to the Oberjochmoarhof farm is the starting point of the tour.

Route description

After reaching the farm, continue straight, steeply uphill towards the mountain trail. Follow this trail past the Untere Flatschbergalm mountain hut and through the Flatschbergtal valley to the Obere Flatschbergalm mountain hut (2,110 m). Continue straight on and at the forest boundary bear right over the stream into a small flat area. After a large boulder bear right onto a ridge which you cross to the left of the Flatschberg into the plain with the Große Lacke lake. Continue further and then to the right of a steep ridge over an equally steep slope to a saddle up to the western ridge of the Hasenöhrl. Now continue on skis to the summit, partly via the wide ridge and partly diverting into the northern side.

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