Saint Apollonia Church

High on a porphyry hill in Obersirmian stands the Saint Apollonia church. The little church, which was originally consecrated to Saint Pelagius, was built during the 12th and 13th Centuries on the grounds of an ancient settlement. It shows a stone-framed portal made around 1500. The Saint Apollonia church stands of a forested hill, which can be reached by car in only a few minutes via the Sirmianerstrasse. The location suggests that the little church was built in early times. The finding of a bronze bracelet refers to an early-historic settlement. The original Roman building was built around 1300 and contains a round apse with struts. The portal is stone-framed with an ogee arch, as well as a round bar. It should date back to the beginning of the 16th Century. The barrel in the longhouse and the groin vault in the choir stalls, reach back to the 17th Century. The niche in the wall with its small iron door was used as a sacrament corner. Saint Apollonia helps when you have toothache and for this reason, is presented with a pair of pliers. She is a symbol of martyrdom, as she went through the ordeal of having her teeth pulled out in a cruel way. The church keys are available at the Restaurant Apollonia, which is situated right below the hill.

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