The Texel Group Nature Park

Nature Park

On the road again …in South Tyrol’s largest nature park! Discover breath-taking flora and fauna!

The Texel Group Nature Park stretches over an area of around 33,430 hectares and is South Tyrol’s largest nature park. It reaches from the Schnals Valley and Passeier Valley to the main Alpine ridge. During your discovery trips in the nature park, you will be able to see many examples of breath-taking flora and fauna. South Tyrol’s largest nature park is home to numerous warm-loving animals such as the cliff swallow (this is the most northerly place where they can be found), mantis, squirrels and ravens. The difference of altitude inside the nature park can be as much as 3,000 metres, which opens the spectrum of animals you might be able to see. You can even find the emerald lizard here, as well as the asp viper. The Texel Group Nature Park contains a lot of water, which is partly due to the holding capacity of loose rocks, but also because of the glaciers’ melting waters. In addition, it gives us the largest high-Alpine lake collection, the Sprons Lakes, which consist of 10 individual lakes. Another attraction is the 97 metre high Partschins waterfall. At the Nature Park House in Naturns, you can find extensive information about the nature park. It is highly recommended that you check out the circular hiking trail of the Meran High Mountain Road, one of the most beautiful, high-Alpine hiking trails in Europe, with fantastic panoramic views.

Opening time: April 1 - October 31
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
2:30 PM - 6:00 PM
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