Sirmiano di Sotto - Grissiano - Sirmiano di Sopra - Sirmiano di Sotto circular route

General description

This hike requires sure-footedness and starts at the parking lot of the fire hall in Sirmiano di Sotto/Untersirmian.


Route description

After the Herz-Jesu-church you take the path no. 10 (Mühltalweg) over a bridge to Grissiano. From there you walk to the church of St. Jacob, past the path no. 8 (way of St. Jacob) to Sirmiano di Sopra (meals and refreshments).

The route no. 9 takes you back to the starting point in Sirmiano di Sotto.

  • length: 6,5 km
  • difference in altitude: 360 m
  • duration: 1,5 hours
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