From Sirmiano di Sopra to Gaido

General description

This walk (from Sirmiano di Sopra to Gaido) starts at the car park at Sirmiano di Sopra.

Route description

You go through a short stretch of forest and a meadow (path no. 9) right on the Tränksteig. Take the Tränksteig until you end at a crossroad. At this crossroad, you turn left to Gaido.

After about a hundred meters you walk down the path no. 7 and afterwards no. 8A, which you follow until the turning to Gaido (path no. 7A). Now you go down on the path no. 7A and no. 9 to Gaido.

The path no. 8 leads you from Gaido back to Sirmiano di Sopra (refreshments). Shortly before the Inntertinner, you walk along the path no. 6 through a short stretch of forest to a nice viewpoint (Burgstalleck).

  • length: 8,8 km
  • difference in altitude: 310 m
  • duration: 3,5 hours
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