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Lake Kalterersee Tour

From Nalles, take the Etschtal bicycle path in the direction of Bolzano to Sigmundskron. Turn right and cycle slightly upwards to S. Michele / Appiano, then continue in the direction of Lake Kalterersee. At the crossing, turn left and follow the "Auer" signposts. From here you will have a wonderful view of the lake as you cycle down through the orchards, vineyards and forests to your destination. Return home along the same route.

Alternative: From Lake Kalterersee, continue through a biotope past the village of Klughammer. Continue along a national road with somewhat heavier traffic, turn left below a rail crossing and the Brennero highway, crossing the Etsch river. After the bridge, turn to the left and take the Etschtal bicycle route to Bolzano, then continue in the direction of Merano up to the exit point in Nalles.

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