From Sirmiano di Sopra to Grissiano

General description

This walking tour (from Sirmiano di Sopra to Grissiano) starts at the car park in Sirmiano di Sotto.

Route description

First, you go uphill through a short stretch of forest and across a meadow. The location you will be after this short walk is Tränksteig, from where you will walk until you are at a crossroad. There you turn right and follow the Tränksteig until the crossroad with the path no. 12. The hike then turns downwards on the way no. 12 and no. 19 to Grissiano. After that you will be able to see the church of Saint Jacob, you walk back again on the road no. 8 (way of Saint Jacob) to the starting point, the parking lot at Sirmiano di Sopra.

Alternative: You can go from Sirmiano di Sopra to the church of Saint Jacob (Grissiano). It is an easy hiking tour from the parking lot of Sirmiano di Sopra. First you go uphill through a short piece of forest; you turn right to the way no. 8 (way of Saint Jacob) to the named church and the same way back.

  • length: 8,8 km
  • difference in altitude: 400 m
  • duration: 3 hours
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