Garden Nights - World Music Festival 2021: Domink Plangger & Claudia Fenzl feat.

Trauttmansdorff presents world-class concerts highlighting music from local artists. Tickets: Admission: € 15.

The promoters of the annual Garden Nights | World Music Festival propose this year an alternative Garden Night Festival, featuring South Tyrolean artists of international stature.

As a singer-songwriter, Dominik Plangger has joined the major league of the German-language music scene. His songs reflect the numerous imbalances in our society, reminding audiences of uncomfortable social truths, while repeatedly challenging us with his insights into seemingly ironclad realities. Although he isn’t afraid to deal with the sad and tragic realities of our era, he also emphasises the beauty of life. With unwavering resolve, there’s no mistaking his love for life in a way that can only be expressed by a poet of this stature. Not only does Dominik Plangger captivate his audiences with his poetry, but his virtuoso guitar playing and haunting vocals never fail to amaze.

During his appearance at the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, Dominik Plangger will be accompanied by his wife, Claudia Fenzl (violin), and soloist Joe Chiericati (piano).

Ticket pre-sale: in all Athesia bookstores and on

Ticket: € 15.00.

Entrance from 7:00 p.m.

All the concerts:
24.06. Cordes y Butons
29.07. Domink Plangger & Claudia Fenzl feat. Joe Chiericati
12.08. Manuel Randi
26.08. Johnny Ponta & Martin Perkmann
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