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Local Products of Schnalstal Valley

Local Products of Schnalstal Valley

Quality, tradition, arts and crafts

Sheep breeding and wool manufacture have always played a significant role in the local economy of Schnalstal Valley. As in the past, shepherds lead their flocks of sheep across the Oetztal Alps to reach pastures in Austria.

Even today, thousands of sheep still graze on the Alpine pastures in neighboring Austria.

iPotsch felt slippers stem from this deeply rooted tradition. Schnalstal Valley sheep’s wool is carefully processed to create soft, warm slippers made of felt. What sets the iPotsch slipper apart is its resilience and ability to let the foot breathe. This naturally made product is available from specialty stores such as Pur Südtirol in Merano/Meran and Bolzano/Bozen and other sales outlets in Schnalstal Valley.