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Living history and tradition in Schnalstal Valley

Living history and tradition in Schnalstal Valley

Characters, societies and architecture that write history

Every village in Schnalstal Valley has its own impressive story to tell. From the one-time Schnalsburg fortress on the rock in Monte S. Caterina/Katharinaberg to the former monastery in the small village of Certosa/Karthaus, where you can still feel the spirit of the Carthusian monks today. The pilgrimage church of Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau exemplifies the significance of the area as an important transit region in the Middle Ages. Eight farms had to give way for Vernago Lake - you can still see the top of the church tower today when the water level is low. The ski resort pioneer, Leo Gurschler, was responsible for building the glacier cable car, the highest cable car in South Tyrol, and he was also instrumental in the economic development of Schnalstal Valley.
The religious festivals with their elegant and splendid processions accompanied by local marching bands, flag bearers and statue bearers, men, women and children alike, in festive traditional dress, are always a very memorable experience.