Hiking in the Schnalstal Valley

Hiking in the Schnalstal Valley

Alpine hiking holidays in the Schnalstal Valley

The wild and natural Schnalstal Valley ranges from mild apple orchards at the valley’s entrance to cold and mighty glaciers at the head of the valley.
Half of the area forms part of the Texelgruppe Nature Park. This unique natural shelter and the Hochjochferner Glacier form a high-altitude hiking region with numerous historic farms and traditional mountain inns.

The trails at 500-3200m a.s.l. enable both hiking from mountain hut to mountain hut and challenging mountaineering up to the peaks. Experienced hikers can make their way to the discovery site of the 5000-year old glacier mummy Ötzi on the Tisenjoch ridge, or around the Texelgruppe mountain range on the Merano High Mountain Trail. Archaeological trekking tours run along the sites of important historical discoveries and through the mountains. New cable cars shorten the ascent. Guided hikes to the most scenic places complement a hiking holiday in Schnalstal Valley. Additional information on hiking in the Schnalstal Valley and walking maps are available at the local Tourist Office.

Interactive map of trails
Plan your hiking tours with our interactive map which provides you with all the necessary information regarding distances, altitude differences, alpine huts etc.

The Schnalstal Valley Hiking Pin
Hike your way to a Schnalstal Valley hiking pin in bronze, silver or gold. In order to acquire the pin, hikers have their hiker’s pass or holiday booklet stamped. The bronze Schnalstal Valley pin is available once you’ve reached 200 points, the silver pin with 350 points and the gold pin with 500 points. The number of points is doubled for hikers over 65 years of age and for children up to 10 years of age. The Schnalstal Valley hiking pins are available from the Karthaus tourist office for a small fee of € 5 per pin.