How to Reach South Tyrol
How to Reach South Tyrol

How to Reach South Tyrol

Finding Merano and Environs using the navigation aid

Located in the heart of Central Europe, Merano and Environs is accessible year-round in a variety of different ways: you can easily reach the area by train, bus, car, or plane.

Our interactive maps illustrate the routes and the various ways to get to South Tyrol/Südtirol.

Good to know…
Like in Germany and Austria a safety vest requirement is also in place in Italy. On the motorway and on main roads (outside village centers) the car lights have to be on even during the daytime.
In cities and bigger towns parking is only allowed in designated parking areas. The short-term parking spaces are mostly for a fee and are designated with a blue marking; in most towns you'll find specially designated car parks and underground car parks.

Speed Limits in Italy: 
In village Centers 50 km/h, on state roads 90 km/h and on motorways 130 km/h.