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Local Products of Schnalstal Valley

Quality, tradition, arts and crafts

Schnalstal Valley is rich in prized raw materials, used in eco-friendly local production. 

The small family business, Schnalser Säge, makes furniture and decorations in local stone pine and larch wood. Glacisse cosmetics utilize the health effects of the glacier in producing its line of exclusive skin care products.
The production of sheep’s wool is among the oldest manufacturing activities in Schnalstal Valley. Even Oetzi, the 5,000 year-old ice mummy discovered in the Schnalstal Valley, appears to have been clothed in warm sheep’s wool. The manufacturing of the elegant Ipotsch wool slippers has re-established the long-standing tradition of wool manufacturing in the valley.


The Schnalser Säge sawmill is comprised of an old Venetian sawmill, a workshop and a small retail outlet.


The exclusive line of Glacisse body care products taps the strength of the Hochjochferner Glacier, rising at the end of the Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley....


Sheep breeding and wool manufacture have always played a significant role in the local economy of Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley. As in the past, shepherds...


In the farm store at Bioland Hof Oberniederhof in Unser Frau you will find a broad range of home-made products.