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The Lazaun high plateau is marked by the power of the glacier, for example, by an active block glacier and a high moor. You will find very distinctive Alpine flora here, including the dwarf willow (Salix herbacea), the smallest tree in the world. With any luck, the attentive observer will also be treated to rare sightings of local fauna.  Numerous marmots live up here in addition to rock partridge and snow grouse.

Route description

The hike begins in Maso Corto (2011 m) and follows the signposts (12/A1) located behind the hotel buildings into Langgrubental Valley. Right at the start we see a copper post pointing to a cup-marked stone. After the stream, the trail leads back towards the valley. At this point, one trail (A10) branches off towards Bildstöckljoch (3,117 m). This is a rewarding but strenuous detour (approx. 1246 m elevation gain, total hiking time approx. 5.5 h), as the pass was an important crossing in former days. The trail continues on here towards the Oberettes Hut and further on to the significant pre-historic discovery site of “Ganglegg” to the north of Schluderns in Vinschgau. To get to the Lazaunalm, follow trail no. 11A and walking up along the slopes to the high plateau. It is well worth taking time out to explore this plateau. Out of consideration for the high moor, we would ask you not to go off the trail. After that, the Lazaun hut (2427 m) is available for a stop off and refreshments. Descend on trail no. 11, through Alpine pastures and a typical Swiss pine forest and on down into the valley. Or, you can choose the comfortable option and take the chair lift. The mountain station is right beside the Lazaun hut.

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