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The annual transhumance: a spectacular, centuries-old tradition
Traditions and rural culture at their most authentic
The Silentium Project: tranquillity in nature

Culture in Schnalstal Valley

History and tradition alive and well in Schnalstal Valley

Rural life in Schnalstal Valley has always been deeply influenced by Christian traditions, which find expression in numerous annual processions and religious festivities.

The Wallfahrtskirche Unser Frau pilgrimage church and the Allerengelberg Monastery, the Carthusian abbey in the village of Certosa/Karthaus, have been at the center of local religious life for the past 700 years.

In summer, the cloister of the former monastery houses temporary exhibitions. The Silentium Project in the village of Certosa invites visitors to pause in reflection and meditation along the spiritual path. The annual transhumance of sheep from the pastures of the Schnalstal Valley to neighbouring Ötztal Valley in Austria is an ancient ritual. Even today, sheep and shepherds still cross the Alps on foot. Other historical relics can be found in the numerous old farms and the Juval Castle located at the entrance of the Schnalstal Valley.


The transhumance in Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley, which is still practiced and deeply rooted in local tradition, dates back 600 years.


Founded in 1326 by Carthusian monks, the Allerengelberg Monastery forms a dramatic backdrop to the picturesque village of Monte S. Caterina/Katharinaberg...


Rural culture has always had deep roots in this once isolated valley, and even today the mountain landscape of the Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley is home to...


Perched on a hill at the mouth of the valley, Juval Castle looks out imposingly across the Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley. Built in 1250, this medieval...


Pilgrims have been flocking to the pilgrimage church in Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau in Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley for 700 years.


The Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley boasts a rich artistic and cultural life.


Major religious festivities are commemorated in Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley with special processions such as the traditional pilgrimage in honor of the...

Accomodation for your holiday in Schnalstal Valley

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The sporthotel is situated in a central an very quiet position. Surrounded by mountains, it is the ideal starting point to the nearby skiing area.


Spend a "vacation at home" in the midst of magnificent mountain scenery, enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the Alps and in accordance with our slogan...


Simple and relaxing - Welcome to our farm up high in the mountains(1475 meters above see level)!


The Hotel is situated directly by the lake. The chef of the hotel is allready the kitchen chef.

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