Haflinger Adventure Trail

The Haflinger Adventure Trail with it's 12 stations, reaches from Hafling Dorf/Avelengo paese to St. Kathrein/S. Caterina and is dedicated to the docile Haflinger horses.

General description

The Haflinger Adventure Trail, which reach from Hafling village to St. Kathrein, is dedicated to the docile and majestic Haflinger horses with their flaxen manes.

At the didactical stations along the way, there’s plenty to learn about the Haflinger horses and how they evolved over time.

Route description

The Haflinger Adventure Trail starts in Hafling Dorf village. The trail no. 2 runs past the town hall and over the old road "Bürgeleweg". Shortly after reaching the road in the direction Falzeben left branches off a traffic-calmed street, at the end of this road is the destination of the Haflinger Adventure Trail in St. Kathrein.
The way back is the same way.

The best time of the year for walking the Haflinger Adventure Trail is between spring and autumn.

Description to arrive at destination

Coming from both directions of the freeway Meran/Merano - Bolzano/Bozen (MEBO), take the exit of Meran Süd/Merano Sud and follow directions towards Meran first, to then turn right towards Hafling/Avelengo, follow the street until the parking lot in Hafling Dorf (below the parish church).


Parking area in Hafling Dorf/Avelengo paese, on charge (below the parish church)

Public transport

With the bus until the bus stop "Hafling Dorf":

  • Bus no. 225 "Meran - Hafling - Falzeben"
  • Bus no. 204 "Hafling - Vöran - Mölten - Terlan - Bozen" (until Hafling Dorf, than change to busline no. 225)

You'll find the time table on the site: www.suedtirolmobil.info/en/

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