La ville thermale riche en traditions le long du Passer

Merano/Meran est parsemée de vastes parcs, de promenades vertes, de jardins botaniques et de nombreux cours d’eau. La ville est pleine de charme avec son atmosphère alpino-méditerranéenne et son ambiance urbaine dans la vieille ville entre les ruelles médiévales et leurs arcades ainsi que les édifices somptueux de la Belle Époque. Les sommets enneigés des glaciers trônent sur l’horizon derrière les palmiers le long de la Passerpromenade, et surplombent les plantes exotiques du jardin primé du château de Trauttmansdorff. Les divers évènements culturels de Merano ont lieu tout au long de l’année comme par exemple le Printemps de Merano (Meraner Frühling), la Fête du raisin (Traubenfest), le Noël de Merano (Meraner Weihnacht), les semaines musicales (Meraner Musikwochen) ou encore le Merano WineFestival.
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Watch out for cowbells: the Krampus are coming! 👹 On 5 and 6 December, Krampus from the "Alfagortuifl" association will storm the Christmas Market. But don't worry children, on 6 December St. Nicholas will also be there 😊

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What are the safety measures to be taken when visiting the Christmas Markets? We explain everything in this post by answering the most common questions we are asked 😊⁣

✅ From Monday to Thursday, entry is free. However, you have to respect some simple rules that you can find on our website (link at the bottom of this post).⁣

✅ On all weekends the entrance to the markets will be cordoned off and access will only be possible with a bracelet and Green Pass.⁣

✅ From 3 to 12 December, the markets will be cordoned off every day of the week and access will only be possible with a bracelet and Green Pass.⁣

✅ According to the current regulations of the Province, a "standard" Green Pass is required, which can be obtained by vaccination, swab or recovery. A Super Green Pass is not required.⁣

✅ If in possession of a valid Green Pass, no swab is required.⁣

✅ In the yellow zone the rules for visiting the market do not change and are the same as we have indicated (subject to future changes by the Province).⁣

✅ Children under 12 years of age and people with an exemption certificate do not need to show their Green Pass.⁣

For further information please visit our official website where you can also download "The ABC of the Markets".⁣

We look forward to seeing you! ❤️

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We present our little houses! 😍 Manufactures and quality products from a wide range of goods and specialities from the South Tyrolean tradition 😊⁣

Discover them all on the official Merano Christmas Market website!

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Let the magic of the Merano Christmas Markets begin 😍✨

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🤩 Experience unforgettable moments and enjoy the unique atmosphere that pervades the city during Advent.⁣

We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Markets 🎄⁣

📸 : Alex Filz

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La vostra sicurezza prima di tutto! 😊 Per accogliere i nostri visitatori al meglio abbiamo previsto alcune semplici ma importanti misure, che permetteranno di muoversi all’interno della manifestazione in tutta sicurezza.⁣

Eure Sicherheit ist uns wichtig! Um unsere Besucher bestmöglich zu empfangen wurden einige simple, aber wichtige Maßnahmen eingeführt, um sich innerhalb der Meraner Weihnacht in aller Sicherheit aufzuhalten.