22nd International Brass Festival - Black Dyke Band

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Hailing from England, the Black Dyke Band is considered the most renowned brass band in the world. The founding year of the Black Dyke Band dates back to the distant year 1855.

With over 350 recordings, the Black Dyke Band is the most frequently recorded brass band in the world. It is also the world's most successful "competition band": the Black Dyke Band has won the European Championship thirteen times. It has won the British Open no less than 30 times and the National Championships of Great Britain 23 times. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the band followed up with an unprecedented run of victories at the Yorkshire Regional Championships.

Not only Evelyn Glennie, but also Lesley Garrett, Elton John, James Morrison, Rod Franks, Ian Bousfield, Phil Smith and many other famous musicians have performed with the Black Dyke Band on concert stages around the world. The Black Dyke Band has been conducted by well-known musicians such as Alexander Owen, John Gladney, Arthur O. Pearce, Harry Mortimer, Alex Mortimer, Major George Willcocks, Major Cecil Jaeger, Geoffrey Brand, Roy Newsome, Major Peter Parkes.

Advance Ticket sale - www.brassfestival.net

FR 29.09., FR 06.10., FR 13.10. each from 9:00 - 11:30 at the ticket office, via corso Libertá 29, Tel. 0473 496045.
ABO € 80 and single tickets € 30 (30.09. and 14.10.) and € 40 (07.10.)
Youths and students with ID € 15 (30.09. and 14.10.) and € 20 (07.10.)

You receive remaining tickets on the day of the concert from 18:00 on 0473 496045 and at the at the ticket office at the entrance via corso Libertá.

Please collect reserved tickets at least half an hour before the concert begins at the ticket office.
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