Burgstall Graf Volkmar path

The Graf-Volkmar-Weg is a pleasant walk above the village of Burgstall.

General description

This walk/fitness trail is approximately 2.5 km long and mostly passes through shady terrain. The central access is located close to the Parish Church in Postal. From there, the path turns to the north, towards the Förstlerhof and then south to the valley station of the Verano cable car. It is possible to join or leave the route all the way along. On the southern part of the trail is a fitness path with several points where there are instructions for a variety of exercises.

Route description

The walk/trim you path leads mostly through shady terrain. The central entrance is near the parish church of Burgstall. From there, the footpath moves south to the valley station of the Vöran cable car. Entrances and exits are possible along the route. On the way there is a trim path with several stations and instructions for various exercises.

Description to arrive at destination

Take the expressway Me-Bo through the Etsch Valley to Burgstall.


Valley station of the cable car Burgstall/Vöran

Public transport

Accessible by public transport


hiking boots

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